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The "Logresse" is a 3D printer based on Irobri's P3-Steel, a rework of the Twelve Pro, itself being a redesign of Josef Prusa's I3.

P3-Steel's main frame structure, built from laser-cut 3mm steel ensures excellent rigidity and restricts the use of printed plastic parts.

The Logresse takes all these benefits, with improved rigidity. By additional metal parts, in particular those of the X axis and the carriage, it further reduces the plastic parts. It also provides additional room and ready-made holes to mount the power supply, various electronics, etc...


For the impatients, here are a few files to download :

Assembly instructions (PDF)

The detailed assembly manual for the 3.0 version, as of today in french, but with plenty of nice views:

DXF Files

The chassis cutting files in DXF format, can be downloaded here:

Other alpha versions, with an extended printing area:

See the 'list.txt' file for parts list and quantities
You can figure out what it looks like with the OpenSCAD 3D preview, file Logresse..scad located in the SCAD/ directory.




Parts Preview

The main ingredient of the machine is the chassis. The chassis can be cut into ordinary steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel sheet. Since the laser cutting is quite expensive, it is advisable to group to reduce the cost.

Rectified steel bars (Stubs)

As there are only three millimeters to support them, they must be cut squarely, with no (or very little) chamfer.

  • Lengths:
    • X axis: 2x 410mm, 8mm ⌀
    • Y axis: 2x 360mm, 8mm ⌀
    • Z axis: 2x 320mm, 8mm ⌀
    • For a Greg's Wade extruder: 1x 19mm, ⌀ 8mm

Threaded rods

  • 2x 320mm, 5mm ⌀

Stepper Motors

  • 4x NEMA17, 200 steps, 5mm ⌀ shaft
  • 1 or 2 additionnal engines for 1 or 2 extruders


  • 2x 5mm to 5mm couplers


  • 2x 20 teeth GT2 pulleys


  • 2x 16 teeth T2.5 pulleys


  • 2x 1m GT2 belt


  • 2x 1m T2.5 belt


  • 11x LM8UU linear bearings
  • 2x SMF115ZZ flanged ball bearings for X axis idler
  • 4x 608ZZ ball bearings (1 for Y axis idler, 3 for a Greg's Wade Reloaded type extruder)


The Bill Of Materials is available in the assembly manual. (See Downloads).



Various electronic boards can be installed.
For these, mounting holes are allready drilled: Caution: Mounting holes for single-extruder electronic controllers are no longer present on Logresse V3.0

Boards suitable for 2 extruders:

Electronics Mounting Positions, Logresse V3.0
Electronics Mounting Positions, Logresses V1 to 2.1(double extruder)


  • CPU: Atmel ATmega2560 (Arduino Arduino Mega 2560 R3)
  • 5 Pololu StepStick connectors


  • CPU: Atmel ATmega2560
  • 5 Pololu StepStick connectors


  • CPU: Atmel ATmega2560
  • 6 Pololu StepStick connectors
  • SD Card slot

Azteeg X3

  • CPU: Atmel ATmega2560
  • 5 Pololu StepStick connectors


STM32 Processor, ARM 32-bit Cortex M4 core
6x onboard Stepper Motors Drivers


Processeur Atmel ATMEGA2560
5x Motors Drivers Pololu

BeagleBone + Replicape

6x onboard Stepper Motors Drivers (DRV8825 on Rev A, TMC2100 on Rev B)

On the Logresse V3.0 there are also some mounting holes for an additional RaspBerry Pi (A+ ou B+).

Boards suitable for a single extruder:
As mentionned, the mounting holes for these electronic controllers are no longer present on Logresse V3.0

Electronics Mounting Positions, Logresses V1 to 2.1 (single extruder)

GEN7 1.5

  • CPU: Atmel ATMEGA1284P
  • 4 Pololu StepStick connectors
  • PC/ATX Power Supply connectors


  • CPU: Atmel ATMEGA1284P
  • 4 onboard A4982 Stepper Drivers
  • SD Card slot


  • CPU: Atmel ATMEGA1284P
  • 4 Pololu StepStick connectors

Other boards:

For a complete list of other electronic boards, see: [ http://reprap.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Electronics ]


3 Enstops for X Y Z axis.

  • Mechanical endstops (cheaper)
    • Source : ebay.com
    • Keywords : "hinge lever limit switch"
  • Optical endstops (more accurate)
    • Source : ebay.com
    • Keywords : "optical endstop"

Power Supply

IEC Socket, Rocker-Switch and Protection Lid
  • Regulated Power Supply
    • 12V 20A minimum (single extruder)
    • 12V 30A minimum (double extruder)
  • Power Socket
    • Source: ebay.com or from an old PC power supply
    • Keywords "IEC power socket panel mount"
  • Power Switch
    • Source: ebay.com
    • Keywords "Rocker Switch KCD1-2"
  • 12V Indicator
    • Source: ebay.com
    • Keywords "12v led indicator light 29x50mm"


  • Heated Bed PCB
    • Source ebay.com
    • Keywords "MK2A"
  • Thermistor
    • Source ebay.com
    • Keywords "100Kohm NTC thermistor Reprap hotbed"
  • Glass plate
    • Dimensions 200mm x 214mm
    • Source ebay.com
    • Keywords "MK2 Heat Bed Borosilicate Glass Plate"


It is possible to mount one or two J-Head-like hot-ends (12mm groove), according to the X-carriage you have.

  • X-Carriage v2 : 1 or 2 hot-ends
  • X-Carriage v1 : 1 single hot-end

Compatible Hot-Ends



More information about firmwares : http://reprap.org/wiki/Firmware


3D Design Tools

  • OpenSCAD
  • FreeCAD
  • Blender
  • Inkscape
  • LibreCAD