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Changer la config du clavier

sudo apt-get install console-setup
sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
sudo setupcon

Changer le volume sonore

En mode console :

# Paramètre le volume à -5.00dB 
amixer set PCM -- -500 

Overclocker la bestiole

Via raspi-config

sudo raspi-config

Via le fichier du GPU

sudo vi /boot/config.txt
arm_freq	 Frequency of ARM in MHz. Default 700
gpu_freq	 Sets core_freq, h264_freq, isp_freq, v3d_freq together. Default 250
core_freq	 Frequency of GPU processor core in MHz. It has an impact on ARM performance since it drives L2 cache. Default 250
h264_freq	 Frequency of hardware video block in MHz. Default 250
isp_freq	 Frequency of image sensor pipeline block in MHz. Default 250
v3d_freq	 Frequency of 3D block in MHz. Default 250
avoid_pwm_pll	 Unlink core_freq from the rest of the gpu. Can cause low quality analog audio, which should be fixed with latest firmware. Default 0
sdram_freq	 Frequency of SDRAM in MHz. Default 400
over_voltage	 ARM/GPU core voltage adjust. [-16,8] equates to [0.8V,1.4V] with 0.025V steps. force_turbo will allow values higher than 6. Default 0 (1.2V) [5]
over_voltage_sdram	 Sets over_voltage_sdram_c, over_voltage_sdram_i, over_voltage_sdram_p together
over_voltage_sdram_c	 SDRAM controller voltage adjust. [-16,8] equates to [0.8V,1.4V] with 0.025V steps. Default 0 (1.2V) [5]
over_voltage_sdram_i	 SDRAM I/O voltage adjust. [-16,8] equates to [0.8V,1.4V] with 0.025V steps. Default 0 (1.2V)[5]
over_voltage_sdram_p	 SDRAM phy voltage adjust. [-16,8] equates to [0.8V,1.4V] with 0.025V steps. Default 0 (1.2V)[5]
force_turbo	 Disables dynamic cpufreq driver and minimum settings below. Enables h264/v3d/isp overclock options. Default 0
initial_turbo	 Enables turbo mode from boot for the given value in seconds (up to 60) or until cpufreq sets a frequency. Can help with sdcard corruption if overclocked. Default 
arm_freq_min	 Minimum value of arm_freq used for dynamic clocking. Default 700
core_freq_min	 Minimum value of core_freq used for dynamic clocking. Default 250
sdram_freq_min	 Minimum value of sdram_freq used for dynamic clocking. Default 400
over_voltage_min	 Minimum value of over_voltage used for dynamic clocking. Default 0
temp_limit	 Overheat protection. Sets clocks and voltages to default when the SoC reaches this Celsius value. Setting this higher than default voids warranty. Default 85
current_limit_override	 Disables SMPS current limit protection when set to "0x5A000020". Can help if you are currently hitting a reboot failure when overclocking too high. [7]

Mode composite

sudo vi /boot/config.txt

sdtv_mode defines the TV standard for composite output (default=0)

sdtv_mode=0    Normal NTSC
sdtv_mode=1    Japanese version of NTSC – no pedestal
sdtv_mode=2    Normal PAL
sdtv_mode=3    Brazilian version of PAL – 525/60 rather than 625/50, different subcarrier

sdtv_aspect defines the aspect ratio for composite ou

sdtv_aspect=1  4:3
sdtv_aspect=2  14:9
sdtv_aspect=3  16:9

sdtv_disable_colourburst disables colour burst on composite output. The picture will be monochrome, but possibly sharper

sdtv_disable_colourburst=1  colour burst is disabled

Pour info voici les modes SDTV :

480i (4:3) : 720x480
480i (16:9) : 720x480

=> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard-definition_television